Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Terribly Challenged Day

Today I was sorely tempted to spend aimlessly (which I'll talk about in a moment). In the interests of fairness, I should at least detail the Backstory Of My Day™. Just imagine that's a thing.

I actually had quite a satisfying day at "work" today. (Side note: because I don't earn a full-time wage or anything close to it, and because I get paid for the few hours it takes me, I struggle with calling this my job. It feels like I'm cheating. But I do certain houseworky-type things, they take a little time, and I get paid for it, so I guess that's a job, right? Anyway, I digress.)

So I actually had quite a satisfying day at "work" today. Like any other "work" day, that mostly consists of me procrastinating as long as possible and not wanting to actually go, but once I'm there it's fairly easy and once it's done I feel tremendous satisfaction that I did a thing that makes people happy. (Seriously, I get to make peoples' faces light up at the lovely place they've rented. Hopefully. I get to give them a comfy bed to stay in for their holiday. Although nobody sane wants to clean or scrub toilets or wash sheets or make beds voluntarily, I don't have a boss ordering me around and I'm in charge of my decisions. There's a reason I say that I really do feel like I've got the best job in the world.)

So anyway it was all done and I had the usual tired-but-not-exhausted going on. And I was walking home through the shopping mall (can't be helped) and wheeling my granny trolley along (shut up, you wish you had one) when I had this inexplicable urge to just go shopping.

Do you know how UN-Elisa that is? Shopping sucks. Seriously.

First I wanted a new plant. Something vibrant and growy and interesting. Then I went past a gadget & cool things store and I wanted to just browse. Which for me means "come home with ten things I don't need".

Then I got annoyed at myself for wanting to spend money and then I was even more annoyed for denying myself "just a few euro" and then I tramped / rolled to the train station in annoyance. I was even ALMOST annoyed enough to take a book from the book exchange without leaving one there first. (I only didn't take one because there was nothing good in English).

When I got off the train I decided I wasn't too tired to buy dinner fixings to save poor husband the trip. I did well in there, successfully selecting budget foods, and then I spoiled it by buying frozen pizzas for dinner and a whole packet of donuts.

And after the pizza I ate two of the donuts. I'm blaming hormones.

The end.