About Me

Or: A Few Honesty Moments.

I'm a thirty-something Aussie-Brit who lives in Finland. Technically I have all three citizenships, but I grew up in Australia and have been in Finland since 2009, when I married a Finn and brought my two children here.

I haven't worked since I arrived in Finland. Initially the plan was to learn Finnish then do whatever menial work I could get. The reality was three solid years of struggling to learn the language (turns out that simply planning to do it and trying hard doesn't automatically make it happen) - plus various health imperfections mean I can't do physical work for more than a couple of hours at a time, which kills off most employment opportunities. There have been various online attempts, all long-hours-tiny-rewards.

What I HAVE done was be conscious of spending my husband's earnings. I've always been relatively frugal thanks to being raised on low incomes and then not being wealthy myself. But now it was about trying not to be a bigger burden than necessary. So, lots of thrift shopping and buying in bulk. Not rocket surgery.

Finland has taught me quite a lot of unexpected lessons about frugality too, and how "consumery" I used to be. Before, I simply bought stuff without thinking about whether I really needed it. Now I buy far less and it is honestly effortless and painless. So you could say I'm turning a tiny bit Finnish. Don't worry, I will share :)

One thing I do a lot of is to try to figure out how to avoid the cost of things. Like... I want something awesome and expensive, but I can't have it because (money, or, having to do some certain thing in order to get that money). Yes well I'm stubborn, and I like to figure out ways around that reason.

There you have me. Elisa.